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Meteor Electrical Email Marketing Case Study | Infinity Nation

Meteor Electrical Email Marketing Case Study

#1 Adestra e-mail campaign of the year    

Innovation in email - a truly personalised campaign. Finished first out of 12 shortlisted best of the month emails campaign by Adestra.

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Meteor Electrical

Each month, Adestra selects an e-mail campaign that demonstrates creative ideas in email marketing copy, design, and technology, and whose results surpass industry benchmarks.

For our client, Meteor Electrical, in order to grow loyalty and encourage repeat purchases from previous Meteor customers we designed and developed an e-mail campaign with a whopping 9 points of personalisation which would automatically be sent to customers on their account creation anniversary date.


Innovation in e-mail:

With this campaign we won the Email Campaign of the Month for August 2016.

All the winners throughout the year are then put forward to the public vote for the coveted Email Campaign of the Year 2016 and it is with great delight that we received the news that we had topped the list.

What makes this a performing campaign?

The combination of personalisation and automation is what makes this campaign really special. Starting with capturing the attention of Meteor’s customers. Upon opening the email, subscribers receive a tailored experience as the entire content of the campaign is based around them.

  • By using conditional content, the integration capabilities of MessageFocus and taking advantage of the wealth of data Meteor had collected, we have created a truly personalised email for Meteor customers, some of whom may not have made a purchase in years. This has resulted in a very successful campaign that has significantly increased their results, as this campaign achieved a 177% higher open rate than regular newsletters. 

    What’s more, this campaign shows what innovation in email looks like – a truly one-to-one communication all marketers should strive for. From subject line to images, to content, each area targets the customer based on the client data collected and their behavioural patterns.

The Competition

We were up against some strong competition who all put forward impressive campaigns. 

These included: