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Anti Mougiollari - team member image

Anti Mougiollari

PPC Executive

A passionate guitar player who loves indulging in mystery and self-help books. Anti obtained a first-class degree from the University of the West of England, which equipped him with the necessary skills and knowledge to kickstart his digital marketing career. Anti’s journey began as an SEO Executive, where he polished his expertise in digital marketing and search engine optimisation. Anti takes pride in being recognized by the Bristol City Council for providing one of the best marketing campaigns for the City Climate Hub, which was an assignment for his third-year module, Digital Marketing Communications. His ultimate goal is to learn as many things as he can in the digital marketing field and someday become the head of digital and lead top companies in creating innovative and result-driven digital marketing campaigns.

Favourite Things:

  • Breaking Bad, Limitless, Inception, Shutter Island and Initial D
  • Fleetwood Mac, Mac DeMarco, The Weeknd, Indie in general and old time classics
  • Gin Martini with just a touch of dry vermouth
  • "The mind is everything; What you think, you become." - Marcus Aurelius


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