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We put your online brand presence first.

Through our Social Media and Digital PR channels we seek to not only increase brand awareness but also interaction and interest in your company’s products and services.

As one of the most dynamic parts of digital marketing, it’s crucial to use trend data to constantly adapt to what’s best for your business.

We take this process and transform your brand awareness using insights you can trust.

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Why choose us for your Social Media?

We work with major influencers and digital publications that relate directly to your industry to further enhance awareness in your target markets. Acting as custodians of your brand we will assist you in creating the ideal PR releases and brainstorming activity that will engage with the customers that love your business.

Our social package focuses on growing your brand across multiple platforms, we adjust focus according to what channels matter most to you and help generate organic growth by analysing your current approach comparing that to how your target audience use and interact with similar industry content. Utilising our social strategy to generate long term organic growth is our expertise.

If you need to deliver in a shorter time frame our paid social platform is ideal, using our experience we help you promote your event or product offer, instantly increasing your reach with data led insights that target people who will be passionate about your brand. By increasing transactions we not only provide a positive ROI but also continue to add to your customer base and create more followers.

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What we do for you:

  • Advice
  • Set-up
  • Training
  • On-going Strategy
  • Campaigns

Are you unsure where to start?

To see how we can help you grow your business online, call one of our dedicated consultants on:

01793 238 697

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With our extensive experience and knowledge in social media we have helped businesses to grow their online offering significantly.

From launching a new brand, a new website or help to get started with the digital marketing plan we have done it all.

Meet our team here.

Our Discovery Workshop

“The discovery workshop was so useful and insightful we would like to start using it for our clients”

Emma Carter
Sales & Marketing Director – Excalibur 

What makes the discovery day essential to a successful product

Infinity Nation’s reputation is based on Growth, Strategy & Innovation.

  • We encourage our clients to positively disrupt the status quo, to progress and grow with their business. But how do you take ideas, your needs and engineer them to productive reality? It’s an act of discovery

    A discovery workshops is a one-day event to generate active communication and reveal the who, how, why, where and what. It facilitates and stimulates conversation between all stakeholders and allows them to think, understand and define the project and quantify its success criteria along with overall business objectives. The real power of discovery is that it helps our clients sharpen, and sometimes even de ne, a winning business strategy.

Infinity Nation


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