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Relevant insights for investors.

In this day and age, no investor can afford to overlook a potential investee company’s digital competence. Getting digital right will at a minimum enhance, and often be transformative; getting it wrong may not only mean underperformance, it can be catastrophic.

Our due diligence and auditing provision will equip you with the transparency and insights you require.

We will raise flags and identify opportunities. We will quantify the potential downsides and upsides. We will make actionable recommendations and attribute to them levels of priority, so that the output can feed directly into your 100-day planning process. We will also identify how all recommendations can be targeted and measured.

Our inputs to your 100 day planning will identify both how to address potential weaknesses and also the quick wins that can be implemented post-deal for near-term impact.

Learn more about our due diligence, 100-day planning and other portfolio support services we offer to the private equity community.

Why choose us for your digital due diligence and auditing?

We are data-driven digital experts; we have a retail sector specialism; and we understand private equity.

Our systematic approach to due diligence, audits and 100-day planning has been developed with PE insiders; we are retained by PE-backed clients; and we have PE executives on our board. We understand your perspective and align ourselves to it in our approach.

As e-commerce specialists, we can provide key insights into growth drivers that are unique and specific to retail businesses, which generalist digital marketing agencies are unlikely to be able to provide.

Service Offering

  • Pre-deal due diligence
  • 100-day planning input
  • 100-day planning implementation
  • Portfolio audits

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With our extensive experience in e-commerce and lead generation we have helped businesses to grow their online offering significantly.

From launching a new brand, a new website or help to get started with the digital marketing plan we have done it all.

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Digital Due Diligence

“Infinity Nation worked alongside BGF, providing us with digital due diligence expertise, as part of the BGF and Santander £16m investment in cornish clothing and lifestyle brand, Seasalt.

Infinity Nation identified opportunities for growth and sense checked all online activities as part of its digital due diligence process.”

Dan Tapson Investor | BGF


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