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Growing your business at a profitable return.

Instant visibility at costs you can control makes PPC a must have solution to grow your business Let's get started


Experts in Pay Per Click

With an average 600% ROI, our PPC strategy and proactive campaign management can quickly give you visibility online, assist with your search engine marketing, help promote short-term offers and attract a flow of new customers. 

We strip things back. Our data driven approach always ensures that we are designing the best outcome for our client. 

In our process, you are involved from start to finish - it's a collaboration. 

Get in touch

Why choose us for your
next PPC project?

We don’t just specialise in Google Ads, we run paid search campaigns on Microsoft Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.
Along with an experienced & Google Ads-certified Pay per Click (PPC) team we use a number of tools to manage, update and report on how the campaigns are performing.

We ensure budgets are monitored daily to ensure that the campaigns are on-track to return a healthy profit. In addition, every week the performance of your PPC campaigns will be discussed in our internal Monday operations meeting, where we will discuss performance to-date and brainstorm where improvements can be made.

Many people can set up a well-structured PPC campaign. However, efficiencies and high levels of return on investment (ROI) come through the optimisation of the campaigns which is what we specialise in.

Get in touch


We continually optimise by :

  • Testing Ad copy/landing pages
  • Testing Site links
  • Create new campaigns
  • Test new features
  • Monitor keywords conversions

Are you unsure where to start?

To see how we can help you grow your business online, call one of our dedicated consultants on:

01793 238 697

Pay Per Click

On average, we achieve a 600% return on investment (ROI) for our clients through PPC advertising.

We increased Truffle Shuffles Google Ads Christmas revenue year on year by 122% at a significantly lower Cost Per Acquisition.

Meet our team here.

Structured & Successful

“Working with Infinity Nation has helped us significantly, they make the process structured, simple and successful. We would recommend them to anyone! ” 

Hugo Griffiths
Director - Happy Dog UK

How do we add value?

There are many ways in which we can add value to the management of the PPC campaign:

  • When helping you grow your business, you will have access to a specialist PPC consultant and benefit from the team’s collective experience working across several big brands and sectors. 

    In addition, your PPC campaign will be off to a head start with our insider knowledge of what’s working well across our client base and you can rest assured that we will be testing all of the latest developments on your behalf.
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