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Well known high street and online retailer Weird Fish brought us onboard to take their online marketing to the next level. Working as an integral part of their online marketing team, Infinity Nation ensured the clothing retailer enjoyed its best year of trading online.

  • Online revenue up 90.79% YoY
  • Site visitors up 88.08% with new visitors up 58.45% returning visitors up 128.95%
  • Conversion up by 159.23%

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The objectives

Building on successful foundation

The weird Fish team wanted to acquire more new customers while retaining their existing customers and encouraging them to spend more often. They asked us to review their online marketing strategy, website performance and make recommendations for improvement. Their target was a further 25%+ growth in sales revenue. We wanted to do even better

Adopting an integrated approach

To achieve this, we became an integral part of Weird Fish online marketing Team, this enabled us to apply our client side experience gave us a better understanding of the pressure their team faced.

Even slight improvements to the critical elements of an e-commerce website can lead to significant increase in overall performance. So, we started by looking at where we could achieve small gains across the four key performance indicators in our 4-ways planning tool

Driving the business to a more profitable future:

Once we’d completed the 4 ways modelling. We worked with the Weird Fish team to look at how to achieve each of these marginal gains. To do this we challenged where the Weird Fish business was at the time and helped drive it to a more profitable future.

This involved reviewing the marketing mix to make the existing channels work harder and become more profitable, It also highlighted key development projected that would lead to improvements on the website; in the customer journey and, ultimately, in conversion rates.

Earning record revenue

One year on, the results speak of themselves. Weird Fish had its best year trading online with revenue up by a staggering 90.79% YoY.

Our website and customer acquisition online marketing strategy saw visits jump by 88.07% with new visitors up 58.45%

With the customer database growing by 77.90%, analysing the data essential. Segmenting  customers by their buying behaviour meant we could be more targeted with email offers, reducing the costs and increasing the campaign conversion. This segmentation strategy contributed to the 6.50% increase in the average number of orders per customer and a 128.95% increase in returning visitors.

By Applying user experience (UK) and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) experience, we increase on site conversion by a massive 159.23%


increase in returning visitors.

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