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Stur Drinks PPC Consultancy Case Study

71% open rate and click-through rate of 25%

The results achieved from our in-house outreach campaign far exceeded our expectations and campaign KPIs. Within 4 weeks of starting the outreach programme the team achieved incredible results.





Stur Drinks UK

Stur Drinks UK is a natural water enhancer made with stevia. It contains zero sugar and calories as well as containing 100% of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C in one serving. These natural fruit based drinks are ideal for diabetics, vegetarians, vegans, and can be consumed during all stages of pregnancy as well as offering a tasty sugar-free alternative drink for children.

Stur Drink’s mission is to help more people consume more water naturally and to cut down on the consumption of sugary fizzy drinks for all the members of the family.

What was the the objective?

Increase sales and revenue online via Google AdWords while increasing reach and bring new customers to the brand.

What was the challenge?

  • The challenge that Stur Drinks presented to the Infinity Nation PPC team was to increase the brand awareness of their natural water enhancers to their key target markets, while at the same time improving their visibility online to ensure the brand increases the authority of their .eu website.

Our Process

The approach the PPC team took to achieve this challenging brief was to launch an PPC focused outreach programme to engage key target markets with the spotlight on UK-based vegetarian, diabetic, parenting and running bloggers to participate in product reviews and giveaways.

The process involved an extensive research stage, sourcing websites that would fit within our targeted campaign. Once the team had gathered a list of 100 bloggers (that covered our selection criteria), this was then shortlisted to a top list of 50, based upon further analysis of their domain authority, social authority, social following and engaged audience.

We created specific personalised emails using a three-phased strategy, which was sent from a Stur branded email address to further instil trust of the Stur Drinks brand to the bloggers. All the emails were sent through our in-house email platform, giving us greater insight on key campaign metrics to increase conversion.

The team also dedicated time to build a rapport with each blogger that responded to the initial email, this involved responding to emails in a quick timeframe (2 hours), following the blog on social media and making sure both parties were in constant communication throughout the whole process.


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