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Delivering higher value customers despite tough trading conditions. Infinity Nation and Santa Letter Direct Case Study

Infinity Nation managed the pre-Christmas campaign to drive sales and raise brand awareness. 


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Santa Letter Direct

Santa Letter Direct are personalised letters from Santa Claus.

Santa Letter Direct has a range of magical personalised letters from Santa that are posted to children all around the world. In addition to this and to make the experience even more magical they offer a range of personalised Santa videos, Christmas Eve books and exclusive Dear Santa packs.

What was the objective?

Infinity Nation started working with Santa Letter Direct in September 2022. The account set-up took place throughout September with PPC commencing in October to mid-December.  The main objective was to drive online sales and exceed their previous year’s sales by hitting their revenue target: 

Drive sales (unit target) for the season 

Quickly adapt the current set up 

Update campaign types used to adhere to Google’s best practice guidance 

Update the feed and drive visibility and sales through Google Shopping 

To adapt the current structure to Google’s best practices.  

Utilise the Google Performance Max campaign type in supporting their sales target. 

Hit unit target 

What was the challenge?

During this period, they were faced with unprecedented challenges: 

Cost of living crisis – consumers cutting back and delaying Christmas spending 

Cost of material and production increase meaning they had to increase the cost of their product by 20%

Royal mail strikes – which also impacted the delivery, especially during Christmas time.  Resulting in having to cut the campaign short a week early.  

Our Process

Having undertaken a full audit of the client’s online activity we were able to prioritise and align our approach to the customer needs.  We began by undertaking full keyword research, refreshing based on emerging trends and data from the previous year.  The campaign was restructured and created with new formats and campaign types, fully utilising Google’s best practise guidelines and performance max.  The feed was fully analysed and adapted to drive optimum sales.  We wrote the Ad copy using new ad-types in line with Google’s new best.  All tracking was fully checked to ensure linked accounts were fully optimised.  Throughout the campaign the budget pacing was optimised weekly BAU optimisations such as SQRs, bid management and campaign total insights

The transactional volume struggled to reach the same volumes as last year, due to rising prices within the market.   Whilst overall website conversion rate increased, the volume of users declined.  

Google Ads reached many more users this year with a large increase in impressions, however due to rising costs and competition in the auctions, saw an increase in CPC and decline in conversion rate meaning the volume of transactions was fewer. However, the quality was higher with higher average order value.  

 Despite the difficult trading environment, the campaign still delivered great results in terms of ROAS and we can’t wait to work with Santa Letter Direct again. 


Increase in impressions

“We faced many unprecedented challenges with our campaign this year and if we hadn’t had to stop the campaign early, due to postal strikes, I think it would have continued to fly in the right direction.  Despite not hitting our volume target, value was up so overall better than expected results for Santa Letter.  We look forward to working with the team at Infinity Nation on future projects”. 


Jonathan Days Managing Director | Santa Letter Direct

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