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Increasing online growth by 171% for a luxury handmade chocolates brand across the key Easter period.

Infinity Nation worked with Rococo Chocolates to boost online brand awareness, generate new customers, re-engage previous customers, increase web sales and improve revenue generated through digital channels.

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The objectives

Infinity Nation was briefed to create a multi-channel plan across paid search and shopping, organic search, social and email to increase reach and improve growth whilst maintaining efficiency, using data analysis to utilise segmentation at different stages of the customer journey.

The Strategy


  • Increase brand loyalty within the existing customer segments

Using data analysis, we identified that with competition high and a captive online audience during UK lockdown 2020-21, CPA was at an all-time high and CLTV needed to improve to justify media spend invested.

We planned to utilise customer data collected during this period to develop customer loyalty and increase CLTV. We used Sweet Analytics to segment customers and create targeted campaigns across email, as well as retargeting 2020-21 customers via social channels and remarketing to segments across paid search and shopping.

  • Increase brand awareness

Generating brand awareness to attract new audiences was key to increasing interest and intent at the top of the funnel, which could then be retargeted later, positioning campaigns to segments associated with previous behaviour.

Using Sweet Analytics segmented data, we created dedicated prospecting paid ads focusing on new customers and used social channels to target LAL audiences based on the demographics and behaviour of people already engaging with the brand.

  • Leverage peaks in the brand calendar

It was important for us to position Rococo Chocolates accordingly and focus on specific channels at key times of the year.

Considering data points from Google analytics, YoY market trends and industry benchmarking, Q4 and Q1 are typically busy periods, with Easter being the peak time of year.

From February 2022, when Infinity Nation started managing Rococo Chocolates account activity, the team focused on supporting the lower funnel activity such as paid search and shopping across brand and non-brand campaigns, as well as email and supporting social activity to target a captive Valentine and Mother’s Day audience. In the lead-up to Easter we focused on a phased approach across channels and optimising Shopping campaigns for efficiency. During this time, social was a key channel for driving new customers into the top of the funnel with 95% link clicks coming from the prospecting campaign. This then drove the retargeting campaign which delivered 60% social revenue.

Outside of these periods we focused on SEO and social to improve brand awareness and collate data that can be used to remarket in the run-up to key periods.

The Result:

  • Across key Easter period YoY revenue was up 171%
  • Across the key Easter period cost per conversion (shopping) was down 72% YoY
  • Customer Lifetime Value increased 4.81% across key period (Feb-Apr 2021 v. Feb-Apr 2022)


Across key Easter period YoY revenue increased.

” Working with Infinity Nation on a multi-channel approach to online marketing has supported Rococo Chocolates growth plans from our digital channels.

Importantly Infinity Nation has supported us in navigating our seasonality and typically low ATV and have done a great job at helping us keeping to our target CAC, which is essential for us to grow sustainably after COVID!

As Rococo expands, we look forward to continuing to work with Infinity Nation to successfully hit our targets for growth in the future. ” – Marie-Lorraine Michot, Head of Retail, Ecommerce and Customer Experience.


Head of Retail, Ecommerce and Customer Experience

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