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Answering Santa Letter’s Christmas Wish

How we leveraged past data, keyword research & audience segmentation to drive a higher Google Ads ROAS for Santa Letter.

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Santa Letter Direct

Santa Letter Direct are personalised letters from Santa Claus.

Santa Letter Direct has a range of magical personalised letters from Santa that are posted to children all around the world. In addition to this and to make the experience even more magical they offer a range of personalised Santa videos, Christmas Eve books and exclusive Dear Santa packs.

-12% CPC YoY

+59%ROAS YoY



The Challenge: To generate sales in a cost of living crisis

With 2023 being the second year of working with Santa Letter direct, the account history was mature which allowed the objectives to continue to develop year on year. The primary objective was to drive £100K revenue in online sales and achieve a £2.20 return on ad spend. 

With the cost of living crisis continuing, we understood that for some consumers around the festive period decisions would be made around the priorities of gifts.  

Our Process

We began by undertaking full keyword research and understanding the rationale behind the best performing campaigns the previous year. With the focus being solely on Google, it was the perfect opportunity to assess the campaign formats and types to investigate where there was room for improvement. 

Additional campaigns were implemented including 50% off ads offering descending discounts, whilst pausing non 50% off ads which helped to give the site increased visibility over the Black Friday weekend period.  

In terms of audiences, we overlaid specific audiences on top of the Search Campaigns to help refine the campaigns further. This was in addition to conducing regular Search Term Query Reports to add negative keywords across the campaign to improve efficiency. 

Countdown ads were created and launched at the beginning of December to make audiences aware of delivery times and last posting dates. This element of the campaign really helped drive a sense of urgency in consumers to help avoid last minute shoppers missing their order date. 


The Santa Letter’s 2023 campaign saw a much healthier year compared to 2022 with a -21.76% reduction in cost per conversion with a 159.4% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS). This was also achieved by spending £4,577.29 less than the year prior (-11.15%). 

The highest performing month throughout the campaign was November unsurprisingly which saw the lowest cost per click at £0.54, a cost per conversion of £2.22 hitting the highest ROAS of 2.31.  

With having previous history of the client’s online activity, we were able to align the client’s objectives with our best paid social strategy. Even with the industry average of cost per click on Google increasing by 5% in 2023 compared to the previous year, this highlights the significance of being able to decrease the client’s CPC by 12% year on year. 


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