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Transforming Slumbers to Sales: How we brought Naturalmat to their consumers

How Infinity Nation introduced a comprehensive digital strategy to help boost sales. 

In the space of a year, our team has contributed to the increase in Naturalmat’s online presence by creating and testing new Meta ad campaigns to reach Naturalmat’s target audience and improve sales.  

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Since 1999, Naturalmat has been dedicated to crafting mindfully handmade organic mattresses & beds aiming to promote healthier and more sustainable sleep for its customers.

Founded in the coastal county of Devon, by boating enthusiasts Mark and Peter, the company emerged from the founders’ quest for a comfortable solution to their sleepless nights caused by cheap synthetic boat mattresses. This journey led to the creation of Naturalmat.  

Many prototypes later, using natural, breathable materials, Peter and Mark designed the luxury, handmade, sustainable mattresses sold on their website today.  





The challenge: Enhance online brand presence

In a competitive landscape where rivals were increasingly focusing on natural mattress materials, Naturalmat faced a decline in its competitive edge.  

To counter this, the company sought to enhance its online brand presence and overcome challenges related to measuring campaign activity and establishing a social media presence.  


A Three Phase Approach

Breaking the solution down into 3 phases, Infinity Nation collaborated with Naturalmat to address their needs for increased sales and brand awareness.

Phase 1: Investigation

This initial phase was focused on investigation, to understand Naturalmat’s customer preferences. Audience testing helped identify target customers, laying the foundation for targeted marketing efforts.  

Phase 2: A/B Testing

The second stage of the solution required the team to further narrow down Naturalmat’s target audience. 

Starting with initial audience testing, the team then moved on to A/B testing landing pages to understand which page produced the best consumer metrics.  

The next step required a review of funnel objectives to ensure the necessary changes were made to successfully guide the consumers through the buying process in the most effective way.  

Testing allowed the team to try various forms of marketing content to find the most effective. The results concluded that Introducing user-generated content in prospecting, resulted in a 32% increase in click-through rate.  

Phase 3: Meta Campaign

Phase three involved the team integrating all findings into a Meta Advantage + campaign, directing consumers to the newly optimised landing page. Various versions of the ad were tested, identifying a carousel ad set as the most effective, with 45 add-to carts.



Increase in click volume

‘The Infinity Nation team has contributed significantly to growing our digital presence. The team’s expertise and dedication have been key in driving new and targeted customers to the website. Their thorough and detailed investigation into our funnel objective ensured the necessary changes were made to successfully guide the consumers through the buying process in the most effective way. We look forward to our continued partnership.’ 


Harry Engels Marketing Director at Naturalmat

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