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Supporting growth with a granular approach to Performance Max campaigns

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The objectives

1. Implement a granular PPC campaign set up

2. Continue to drive efficient Cost of Sale whilst scaling the PPC account

3. Improve visibility of best performing campaigns


Launching in 2015 with furniture sales very much still bricks and mortar focussed. Furniturebox jumped on a gap in the market and started selling furniture online. Their ambition was to sell beautiful, quality, and affordable products online, backed up with exceptional customer service.

Fast forward 7 years and Furniturebox are now a highly decorated online retailer with the business being awarded accolades including;

The Sunday Times 100 where the company placed 34th for fastest growing businesses in the UK. The two Founders, Monty and Dan, also made it onto the Forbes 30 Under 30 in the same year in recognition of their incredible achievements since launching Furniturebox at the age of 17.

With a brand-new warehouse due to open in September 2022 will mean they can next day delivery up until 8pm on most orders which is an industry leading delivery service. Furniturebox continue to put their customer experience at the heart of their offering, in turn recording continued growth and success.

Infinity Nation had an existing relationship with Furniturebox ahead of taken over the Paid Search activity with focus on data intelligence consultancy to improve customer acquisition cost and lifetime value. We were then tasked with expanding our remit to maximise sales whilst steading cost of sale.

What was the challenge?

Infinity Nation were tasked with implementing a granular approach to the existing PPC account in order to improve visibility for both top performing categories and new product sets in a more competitive ads landscape.

The aim was to maintain cost of sale efficiency with increased monthly investment targets, in turn delivering an improved revenue.

This task was all the more challenging with Google sunsetting smart shopping campaigns, which the account previously relied heavily on. To ensure relevant targeting, and that the account stayed up to date with the newest campaign offerings, the roll out of performance max campaigns with tactical listing and asset group segmentations played a major part in expanding account reach while maintaining efficiency.

Our Process

Taking the existing PPC account from a “one and done” campaign approach to a granular account set up was a task Infinity Nation were all too keen to implement for Furniturebox.

Understanding the client’s wide product offering and key best sellers was integral to spotting opportunities and prioritising our approach.

The Infinity Nation team took advantage of the roll out of performance max to support campaign areas with product specific creative and the segmentation of listing groups in order to gain the most accurate placement for audience interest and purchase intent through performance max’s audience signals.

The Results

35% increase in investment period on period

Maintaining a strong CoS YoY, seeing only a 3% rise despite average account CPC’s increasing by 54% due to increased market competition.

Increased opportunity to growth the account with use of listing groups


Increase in investment period on period

” It was interesting to see Infinity Nation’s approach to PPC campaign set up, a big change to our previous set up. Being able to see first-hand the increased visibility to some of our core products set is really important to us. We had tasked Infinity Nation with growing our account, whilst maintaining CoS efficiency and it is great to see the results supporting this. “


Kayla Wilson Head of Marketing | Furniture Box

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