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Helping Discover Vaccines for Respiratory Viruses  

Our longest-standing client’s success over the last year!

FluCamp is all about improving the health of the population, through increasing understanding around common viral illnesses. 

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61%Increase in SERP clicks versus previous 6 months

135%Increase in SERP impressions 

88%Increase in keywords from March 2022 to March 2023  

49Total Blogs Alone Optimised or Created since the start of 2022. 


FluCamp run clinical trials to find out more about viral illnessesThe end goal of the clinical trials is to potentially eradicate common illnesses completely – or at least make treatment of them as easy and effective as possible. 

What was the objective?


  1. Increase organic traffic.  
  1. Improve keyword rankings.  
  1. Improve Asthmatic goal conversion. 

Our Process

Having built a relationship with FluCamp over the last 5 years we had a clear understanding of their brand and objectives.  We carried out a full review of all their assets to make sure they were optimised and improving the site quality and authority.  In doing this we highlighted where there was missing information and created new blogs and content.  Another area of focus was to create improved analytics so the performance of all pages could be monitored effectively.  This all helped to improve the user journey and holistic performance of their site. 

What were the challenges?

FluCamp tasked Infinity Nation with positioning them as thought leaders with authoritative and factually accurate contentFluCamp have faced issues with google updates deeming medical content to be spam, so we needed to ensure that their content was meaningful and could mitigate this issueInfinity Nation were also tasked with improving their relevance and appeal outside of the classic cold and flu seasons. 


Increase in SERP impressions 

We tasked Infinity Nation in helping us improve our organic traffic and rankings. They carried out a full review and provided new blog ideas and content which led to increased visibility in rankings. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with them over the last 5 years helping us achieve organic success”

Sam Van Simaeys Head of Marketing, hVIVO Group

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