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Excalibur Communications Design Case Study

Creating Excalibur’s website solution

Infinity Nation were asked to help Excalibur to create and develop a complete website solution. In the content below we detail how Infinity Nation took this challenge on and created a bespoke website build with a self-catering CMS that Excalibur could continue to benefit from.

Excalibur Communications

With over 25 years in business communications, Excalibur have evolved from humble beginnings on the high street to a Sunday Times Top 100 business.

Our journey so far has seen us go through a rapid growth period and we’ve learnt an awful lot along the way.

We simply know business communications inside out, we’re lucky to have worked with the whole industry spectrum too.

What was the the objective?

Excalibur wanted Infinity Nation to bring to life their brand promise and drive USP’s – simplify & amplify the Excalibur story

Start with a Discovery Workshop?

  • To provide Excalibur with the right solution, ideation and surpass objectives, Infinity Nation believed a more intimate knowledge of the business, stakeholders, requirements and objectives is needed. To this end, Infinity Nation and Excalibur undertook a discovery workshop, a forum where the two companies were able to interact, listen and tease out objectives, expectations, needs and requirements.
  • From the discovery workshop Infinity Nation were able to clearly define the strategy for the Excalibur website project. Infinity Nation involved Excalibur at every stage of the project. Regular meetings gave both parties the opportunity to discuss the work delivered as defined in the project milestones and agree on any amends.

Our Process

We then created a Discovery Workshop deck, to reaffirm and support the discussion points and findings from the workshop, outlining the strategy and steps to be taken in the upcoming weeks. From this deck, we created several wireframes. These helped us to define the page skeletons before adding styling. This process helped Excalibur see where their key USP’s and CTA would sit in the page without having the distraction of images, colours and content.

We continued to meet and update Excalibur, ensuring that the expected user experience & journey was met. The SEO team then created a sitemap, determining which pages were key for the main navigation and what could be secondary. Once Excalibur were happy with Infinity Nation’s Wireframes & Sitemap, our design team started to create full page designs. The site was built on WordPress, allowing Excalibur to utilise the full self-care functionality that a WordPress CMS offers. Infinity Nation supported and collaborated Excalibur throughout to ensure that the new website went live smoothly.


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