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Luxury Cookware Brand Consultancy Case Study

Working as an extension to the client’s team enabled a 40% Increase in Overall Site Revenue within 3 months

Leave no stone unturned; U-Turning revenue decline through on-site consultancy





Luxury Cookware Company

Luxury Cookware Brand have the perfect product range and esteemed heritage to cut through the competitors and stand out in a cluttered market. Established in the 1950s and operating from the same location that it still does today, the brand are best known for their cutlery, cookware, kitchen knives and kitchenware ranges.

Crafting products to last a lifetime, the Luxury Cookware Company was already an established and esteemed brand. The challenge was to understand how and where the brand could really push its range to its target audience and feature in more kitchens and homes, in the UK and worldwide.

What was the the objective?

1. Stem and reverse PPC revenue decline.

2. Identify and engage opportunities for the email programme.

3. Review SEO position, being mindful of the impending website migration.

What was the challenge?

With big growth ambitions, especially for the online retail store and a new website afoot, Infinity Nation was brought in to represent the brand’s values and work closely with the existing team to identify opportunities for volume and efficiency gains, across all channels.

The Domestic Goods Client had seen a decline in revenue from the Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) channels and were keen to do something about it, to maximise Q4 performance and exceed their annual targets.

Our Process

An initial data analysis project was conducted to identify the website’s current SEO visibility and how and where the site was ranking, so that this could inform the overall Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy and complement the email programme, managed in-house.

The brand’s offers and bundles were analysed against email data sets, as well as market demand and competitor activity – on-site merchandising and offers were reworked to promote the brand’s values and outshine the competition. This was fed into the PPC strategy, ensuring that the messaging was aligned across all channels.

This was combined with some structural changes to the PPC account and advice on use of audiences and a granular Shopping campaign structure; identifying and optimising the ‘hero’ products to give great budgetary and performance-level controls.

SEO performance was benchmarked, and opportunities identified that needed attention ahead of the site’s impending platform migration.

PPC performance was trailing behind target prior to Infinity Nation’s involvement. Within 3 months of implementing our recommendations, the Cookware Company was well ahead of target, swinging performance from negative to positive and allowing the brand to capitalise on their key purchase period.

Infinity Nation are now contracted to provide ongoing SEO and PPC consultative support for this client.

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