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Infinity Nation worked with Robert Welch Designs to ensure their website migration was ‘cutting edge’.

Migrations are complex. Our job was to prevent unnecessary forks in the road which would mean loss of traffic and ultimately, loss of revenue.

Get in touch if you want us to work with you to achieve similar results.  

(2 weeks post migration)

(2 weeks post migration)

(2 weeks post migration)

(1 Year Later) 

Robert Welch Designs

Robert Welch Designs was established in 1955 in an 18th century Silk Mill in the Cotswold Village of Chipping Campden. From the start, Robert was passionately driven to produce functional, affordable products which possessed stylish beauty and he quickly gained a reputation for excellence. Products include knives, cutlery and crockery.


Cutlery Set Image

What was the objective?

1. Implement quick fixes via the CMS pre-migration  

2. Ensure legacy issues aren’t migrated over to the new site  

3. Settle the historic SEO decline and build a strategy
for post-launch 

What was the challenge?

The biggest and most common mistake made when migrating websites is the lack of planning and underestimating the expertise required. Infinity Nation have conducted numerous web migration projects and having consulted prior to this project, understood the brand’s aspirations, making us the perfect partners to ensure a smooth journey for the brand.

Robert Welch’s organic performance was in decline and the impending migration from Blucommerce to Shopify could have accelerated the decline further if legacy issues were not addressed.

Our Process

The website’s technical visibility was our first priority; working with Robert Welch’s web development agency to resolve high priority actions well aherad of the migration date. Migrating with this ‘old baggage’ would have meant spending a lot more money implementing SEO on the new site. Covid-19 posed an additional challenge – with overall website performance up, SEO was lagging behind the other channels, so protecting its pre-migration visibility was the key focus.

A huge focus was on the top content and protecting rankings for any generic terms that were driving traffic to the category pages of the site. The blog also had a handful of historic rankings. The client’s end of life strategy for products was reviewed, ensuring any old rankings were redirected to the most relevant transactional page.

Pre and post migration activities were conducted, and the Infinity Nation SEO team were on hand on go-live day to ensure any critical errors that may have come up were actioned immediately. Post-launch checks were delivered weekly for the 4 weeks after migration where performance was closely monitored. A 12-month SEO strategy was then embarked on to build on this clean SEO base, and continue to collect new rankings for generic key phrases.

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