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Herman Miller PPC Case Study

Significant ROI through Google Ads

Within six-months of starting our PPC campaign on the account, our data-driven approach has grown Herman Miller's revenue by 70.3%.

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Herman Miller

We were approached by Herman Miller to consult and provide guidance on their PPC campaigns. They needed our support to increase revenue and drive more sales through the online store. 

What was the the objective?

1. To increase brand awareness.

2. Incease revenue revenue through online store. 

3. Increase sales on key sale periods.

What was the challenge?

Herman Miller is a highly decorated global manufacturer of innovative furniture and technology solutions to improve performance of their customers’ organisations. In the face of steep revenue targets for their current financial year, set at board level, the UK online store needed to step up and leverage sales through the traffic being driven to it. While the client had good brand visibility on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), and their email campaigns drove strong response levels, there was a need to build brand awareness to encourage sales in the run up to Christmas, leveraging the promotional sale periods that were planned.

Our Process

We knew we were working with a strong brand; the challenge was to maximise visibility for the key sale periods and increase direct sales through the UK store.

The first stage was to ensure that relevant audience lists were in place to make use of the brand from a remarketing perspective. This allowed us to deploy different strategies based on where customers were in their lifecycle, improving relevancy of our ad messaging.

We also needed to make sure that the ads themselves were as enticing as possible, therefore we deployed a continuous ad copy testing strategy, making sure we had the optimum set-up going into Herman Miller’s sale period.

A combination of search and shopping campaigns were used during this time. Buying from Herman Miller is a considered purchase so ensuring a breadth of visibility was crucial to the strategy, ensuring we were visible at key times to key people. The remarketing strategy also complemented this approach, driving significant growth in PPC revenue for a very strong ROI.

Making use of other paid channels such as social media to raise brand awareness to a new audience, perhaps un-reachable through Google Ads, was also key. Maintaining a presence helped the continuity of the wider marketing effort and was instrumental in assisting in sales and generating revenue.

And it wasn’t just the PPC channel that benefited from this strategy; Organic revenue enjoyed an uplift of 64.87% over this period, due to the additional PPC and sales activity that was completed from October through to the January sale period. 

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