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Infinity Nation’s Passion For Great Results Perfectly Matches Happy Dog’s Commitment To Go Beyond Just Dog Food…

We joined up data with our PPC campaign and scooped up success with this trial!


Get in touch if you want us to work with you to achieve similar results.





Happy Dog

Happy Dog has over 50 years’ experience in making dog food with a devotion for quality. All-natural ingredients, high-grade raw ingredients and strict standards guarantee the very best for your furry friend. It’s not just dog food that Happy Dog are committed to, caring about the environment and sustainability is at the top of the list too! They use recyclable packaging, plant lots of trees – around 2500 a year, and are proud of their SOS Children’s Village Africa project where over 1 million Euros has been donated.


What was the the objective?

1. Increase PPC revenue. 

2. Target high density areas of dog populations. 

3. Used data to inform audience and location targeting to be more
efficient with spend. 

What was the challenge?

Happy Dog had recently invested in data profiling activity which identified who their best target audience were, where the most spend came from, and where these households were located in the UK, down to postcode level.

When Happy Dog informed us of this wealth of data on hand, we immediately got to work on how we could use this gold mine of information in our PPC campaigns.

Our Process

Infinity Nation don’t just do PPC campaigns, we think outside of the box, and how we can optimise, improve and increase revenue from all sources - especially data sources. ROI is at the top of our agenda and we go above and beyond to ensure we achieve our client’s goals and to prove why we are the perfect partners to help maximise revenue and achieve KPIs.

By using the data on hand, we were able to target these specific areas which meant we were able to be more efficient with spend on PPC campaigns. We will continue to optimise these campaigns using the data and will make the location targeting part of our on-going strategy.

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Infinity Nation