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Graham & Green PPC Case Study

491%more conversions

In fact, the results have been exceptional. We’ve seen a reduction in the cost per acquisition by 55.7%.

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Graham & Green

Graham & Green is a family-run business, founded in 1974, who are one of the foremost luxury furniture and home accessories brands based in London.

Operating six stores as well as an ecommerce business online, Graham & Green had also set up an AdWords campaign but weren’t seeing it work as hard as it could have for them.


What were the the objectives?

1. To increase conversions

2. To decrease AdWords costs

3. To improve ROI for their PPC channel

What was the challenge?

• Delivering relevant traffic through Adwords is a real science. Figuring out an appropriate audience that is likely to convert is just one part of the equation.

  • Working out additional details such as time of day, remarketing to potential customers and ensuring that the advertising copy and message is both on-brand and relevant to the targeted traffic are other key parts of the equation.

Our Process

We set about analysing Graham & Green’s previous campaign to see which elements worked and which didn’t, as well as what had been tested and what had not.

Armed with this information, we drew on the experience that has seen us achieve an average 400% return on investment for clients through PPC advertising. We created new bespoke adverts and targeted them at audiences and times that have proven to be effective.

The offsite and outreach campaign were created with the specific intent to increase the link authority of our target pages, as well as increase the awareness for the brand in the online space. The outreach was centred on the highest value bloggers, with strict briefs given to minimise communication steps and ensure that we met the tight turnaround time. We targeted the highest value bloggers only, many also provided the social coverage that assisted in achieving further PR coverage.