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Gifting Brand PPC Case Study

Sky-Rocketing Google Shopping Performance in Time for Christmas

Making a first impression: Google Shopping set up and driving traffic to the website for Black Friday Sales, achieving over 700% ROAS.

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Gifting Brand

The Gifting Brand, that we have worked with, is predominantly a mail order company, focusing on gifting. Their historical marketing strategy had been reliant on catalogue distribution to their personal database between August and December. With Christmas afoot, and the shopping weeks dwindling, the Gifting Brand took the plunge in November 2019 to catapult their brand online and take market share from its gifting competitors.


What was the the objective?

1. To establish the Gifting Brand online for the first time in order to leverage
the current seasonal peak for gifts.

2. Direct traffic to the website in order to generate sales.

3. Reduce reliance on the catalogue; prove online marketing can work
all-year round.

What was the challenge?

Infinity Nation was tasked with getting the Gifting Brand live on two search engines, including shopping, in a very short period of time, in order to capitalise on the upcoming seasonal peak. Longer term focus would be to build a year-round presence as well as brand awareness to increase online sales.

Our Process

Our approach was to create a strategically crafted PPC campaign together with keyword targeting, to boost instant visibility against core gifting terms, with high transactional intent.

Working closely with the client, we crafted an ad copy that was synonymous with the Gifting Brand’s philosophy and ensured their products were visible on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and driving sales in time for Black Friday.

With no historical data, we had to accelerate our test and learn approach. Our strategy of search and shopping campaigns extended beyond Google, to maximise reach of the typical over 50s customer. Shopping campaigns were optimised to identify and then segment top performers to leverage positive ROAS over the peak periods and beyond.

Social Media was used two-fold:
1) To build strong audiences for remarketing, as the target audience is very active on social media platforms.
2) To build awareness of the Gifting Brand by targeting relevant interests during the peak period.

This approach complemented the paid search strategy and assisted with conversions and generating revenue for Christmas but will also be a key driver of the success for the year-round strategy.  

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