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Direct Oil 4-Week PPC Campaign Test

Slick campaign optimisation to accelerate test results

With the combination of market conditions and a change in consumer buying habits, Direct Oil wanted to live up to its name and promote a new website and improved customer experience to gain direct sales and new account sign-ups. 

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434.81% ROI




Direct Oil

Direct Oil are UK-based heating oil experts, with over a decade of experience of providing an online heating oil service for homes across the country.

We took on the challenge of a 4-week trial in order to help Direct Oil prove that a digital marketing focus works to deliver new accounts and compete with their competition online by increasing direct orders from their own website.


What was the the objective?

1. Business case to back ongoing investment in online. 

2. Digital customer acquisition. 

3. Proving the Direct Oil site can operate direct to consumer
and take market share back from the competition. 

What was the challenge?

Direct Oil invested in a website so needed to monetise it and take back customers from the competition. A PPC test was done previously but there were no optimisations done to the account, so they needed help in order to grow their revenue and bring down their CPA targets.

Our Process

Our 4-week test was based on a digital customer acquisition strategy using the insights we generated from our research and the use of data to outsmart the competition.

Maximising test results – test, learn and build. Working closely with the client, we quickly crafted ad copy that was on brand and ready to go, in order to drive online sales. Key optimisations to drive success were CPC bidding, Ad Group Segmentation and Ad Copy Testing, Search Term Analysis & careful attention to Negative Keywords.

Match type parity was of great importance where the market is competitive. Quickly reacting to best performing keywords segmenting the strategy around these allowed us to quickly drop down below the target CPA.

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