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Red Original Consultancy Case Study

Your Data Is Your Most Valuable Asset! Don’t Let It Get Stale And Gather Dust As You Float; Harness Its Power To Help You Paddle In The Right Direction.

Using the ideal software along with our expertise and knowledge, Infinity Nation focussed on low gains across a number of areas to deliver a compound improvement in performance.

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Red Original Co

Over the past 10 years, Red Paddle Co has grown into a world-leading paddleboard brand, built on the ethos of designing quality, no compromise products. For Red Original, performance, style and user-centric design is at the forefront of their products. Therefore, their quality cannot be matched, and they are the ideal company for all outdoor enthusiasts!

As they sell a diverse number of products suited to a variety of demographics, Red Original are the perfect client to make use of specialised software as well as our expertise in the ecommerce environment!


What was the the objective?

1. Red Original have data, but they needed to generate insight to
better understand their consumers’ shopping habits.

2. Their communications were generic as opposed to tailor-made.

3. Review SEO position, being mindful of the impending
website migration.

What was the challenge?

Whilst there was a colossal amount of data, it was very difficult to use it in the right way to deliver the valuable results. Email was definitely the most important tool, but it was not being used to its full potential alongside the customer database. As such, the communications were generic as opposed to tailor-made. They were on the edge of a ‘tipping point’ of things taking off, but it was difficult to quantify that and really home in on the things that were going to make the biggest difference.

The Domestic Goods Client had seen a decline in revenue from the Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) channels and were keen to do something about it, to maximise Q4 performance and exceed their annual targets.

Our Process

In order to better understand Red Original’s customers, we did a complete breakdown of their customers and created cohorts. This allowed us to target the cohorts with more relevant emails and repeat marketing to the lapsing customers whilst ensuring we focus on finding more of the champion customers.

Our process was then split into a three part approach:

  1. Our access and expertise of Sweet Analytics to set-up Audiences and create targeted content across email and PPC channels. This resulted in a focus PPC spend onto the key selling products that are driving a strong CLTV.
  2. Working with the data, we have focused on improving merchandising of the site, site UX, key trust signals and bring these to the fore as well as looking at email designs and improvements.
  3. Distilling the data also enabled us to ID key products in the purchase and associated timelines, so we could encourage and guide other customers as to the key products of use. This was combined with a seasonality factor of the products and we targeted the ideal customers to achieve higher CTR as well as more sales. 

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