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Get Christmas Ready With Our Tinsel Tips

Our Xmas gifts to you are all these ideas and tips to get your business ready for Christmas before it’s too late!

09th Aug 2021
Get Christmas Ready With Our Tinsel Tips 09th August 2021

Our Tinsel Tips

Don’t Just Launch & Leave

It’s easy to set up campaigns or promotions and leave them running. To enhance performance of all campaigns it’s important for them to be monitored daily, making optimisations to make the campaigns work as hard as possible, getting the highest return for your media spend.

A Campaign Is Not Just For Christmas

Many companies will take down their seasonal content as soon as Christmas is over, but this can be damaging as it loses all that equity you’ve worked so hard to build over the few months. Our experts recommend changing the content to a sales page immediately after, leaving it in the back end and remove internal links.

Continue To Promote

Statistics show there are 34% more Google shopping searches on Christmas Day than on Black Friday. Pausing campaigns too soon could result in missing out on interests and sales, so don’t pause = don’t miss out!

Deck The Halls With Planning

I believe planning is key when it comes to the run up to Christmas. However, when planning it’s important to brief your agency on upcoming plans and promotions weeks in advance, so they have all the information needed to set up campaigns and gather learnings (if you work with any). Be proactive rather than reactive.

Testing campaigns months before is key to knowing your best performing messages. By having a controlled timeline of tests all year round you can identify your best performing ad formats, audiences, ad copy, imagery and products. This will enable you to know what resonates with your audience, maximising campaign performances and hopefully increasing conversion rates.

Optimising your Christmas landing pages from an SEO perspective well ahead of time will be highly beneficial to capitalise at peak time.

Why wait for December to start spreading Christmas cheer? Start to rotate some Christmas advertisement in early, shops start advertising months in advance with brick-and-mortar displays, why can’t this apply online? Get rotating the content before ramping it up closer to the season and see the response.

Discount Codes

Everyone wants a bargain during this period and therefore people will search for discount codes. However, if you are using affiliates, you may be paying hefty commissions which aren’t necessary. By operating your own discount codes that users can use directly on your website you stay ahead of affiliates and avoid paying crazy prices. Additionally, from an SEO perspective you are optimising these pages so that you’re appearing on page one of search results.

Our Gift To You

So Ho Ho Ho, with all those ideas and tips, let the countdown begin and start planning for Christmas before it’s too late!

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