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Top 3 Easter Campaigns For Inspiration

For your #coffeebreak, here are 3 Easter campaigns we spotted this year and the tactics that can inspire you for your next campaign!

23rd Apr 2021
Top 3 Easter Campaigns For Inspiration 23rd April 2021

Top 3 Easter Campaigns For Inspiration

Easter this year saw a range of fun and creative campaign ideas from a variety of brands and felt like a bigger moment than previous years (unless you’re a supermarket who begins always begins stocking the Mini Eggs from Boxing Day!). No doubt because it was one of the first times, we could open up our gardens to small groups of family and friends.

Depending on the sector you operate in, Easter may or may not be a key event in your year. Even if it isn’t, there are some creative and testing ideas you may be able to steal from the campaigns we spotted and apply to those moments that do matter to your business.

Here are a just few of the Easter campaigns our Consult Team spotted. Grab a coffee (or tea!) and have a read through our quick blog during your break – and I promise, no “egg-cellent” puns allowed!

1.Who’s the brand? Inkifi

What tactic can inspire me? Overlays on your existing creative

With coronavirus still a very real risk to us all and to UK businesses, we saw a few examples of brands “upcycling” existing creative assets, which is a great tactic any time of year to stretch the investment you’ve made in producing creative assets for your online marketing channels.

Inkifi’s Instagram followers and people they were targeting with their Paid Social ads were served their standard lifestyle-featuring-product creative, but with an Easter twist. At the bottom of the image there was a single white line twisted to illustrate a group of Easter bunnies that looked like they were hopping across the creative and sitting on top of the Easter promo code called out in an orange banner. A simple, yet effective way to adapt your creative for a seasonal campaign and something we can see working equally as well with pumpkins at Halloween or trees and presents at Christmas.

2.Who’s the brand? Cadbury’s

What tactic can inspire me? Hide-and-seek content on your site

In 2021 we saw Cadbury’s take their well-loved Easter Egg Hunt online, encouraging users to hide eggs for loved ones in secret locations using Google Maps. While this type of campaign – with big tech integrations and marketing budgets – might feel a million miles away from your marketing-reality, we have seen brands take this idea and roll it out on a smaller scale with “website hunts”.

Take Cadbury’s lead with your own website and content and hide visuals on key pages for users to find. Use social media to share “hot” and “cold” hints and drive up engagement levels – and you might want to consider a competition prize for those that have taken part.

3.Who’s the brand? Emma Bridgewater

What tactic can inspire me? Emojis in email subject lines

Emma Bridgewater was just one of many brands we saw utilising Easter themed emojis in their email subject lines ahead of and over the Easter weekend – whether it was eggs, bunnies, chocolate bars or chicks. A great idea for trying to get stand out at those times of year when a lot of brands will be active.

This is an easy tactic to adapt and A/B test, so it’s worth giving it a go, test being the key word, not just for emojis but for all new ideas where possible. For example, as well as testing the emojis themselves, it could be worth testing the position too – at the beginning and end of the subject line (Emma Bridgewater went for both). While the main measure for subject line testing, Open Rate will be your first port of call, it’s worth measuring all the way through to conversion, to check that more people opening your emails does translate through to value in terms of Sales or Conversions.

There is likely to be an emoji that can work for your brand or the time of year, and it won’t necessarily put off older audiences if that’s the demographic you’re targeting. If you’re like me, there will be a parent or tech-savvy grandparent in your family that can never resist sending an emoji!

As you plan and implement your next campaign for this year, we hope our quick read list has given you some inspiration. If you want to talk ideas and testing, you can Contact Us and we’ll be happy to help.

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