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Meet Jenny Bacon, Our New PPC Delivery Manager

18th Aug 2021
Stacey Wilson Client Services Director 18th August 2021

I’m delighted to announce that Jenny Bacon will join Infinity Nation as PPC Delivery Manager. Jenny will begin her journey with us on 9th August 2021. As part of our welcome, we asked Jenny 23 questions to better understand Jenny’s personality.

  • What’s your favourite beverage? Spiced rum and lilt
  • What do you do to relax? Watch Netflix, read and see friends
  • What is one thing you still have from your childhood? All my old books
  • What’s your most productive time of day? First thing in the morning before anyone else is awake!
  • What is your go to karaoke song? I Love Rock ‘n Roll by Joan Jett or Mamma Mia by Abba
  • Cooking or baking? Cooking
  • Name one thing you’ve learned the hard way. That patience is a virtue!
  • What is something you will not be doing in ten years? Continuously putting permanent red dye in my hair!
  • Favourite snack? Hummus and pitta chips
  • Favourite Disney character? Ariel from The Little Mermaid
  • What is your biggest strength? My independence
  • What is your biggest weakness? Pizza!
  • What book did you most recently read? Working on a Song: The Lyrics of Hadestown
  • What’s something you can’t do? The splits
  • How do you manage stress? Meditation apps and wine!
  • What’s your favourite movie of the last five years? Currently obsessed with In The Heights
  • What’s your favourite board game? Cluedo
  • Sweet or savoury? Savoury
  • What does creativity mean to you? Freedom of expression
  • What is your spirit animal? Cat
  • What are the three things you can’t live without? Friends, good food and live performance
  • What’s the one talent you wish you had? I wish I was a better singer – apologies in advance for karaoke night!
  • How would you define yourself in three words? Independent, happy and friendly.

For more information on Jenny, please visit Jenny’s Staff Page. Alternatively, contact Jenny via LinkedIn or call 01793 238 697 to speak to Jenny.


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