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Re-evaluate & Modify your Social Media Marketing Strategy During the Pandemic | Infinity Nation

29th Apr 2020
29th April 2020

How to Switch Your Social Media Strategy During the Pandemic

Business has changed, perhaps for good, who knows?

One thing we do know is that to help our businesses survive we need to keep our brand in our customer’s and future customer’s minds; in a positive way.

  1. What do I mean by that?
  2. How many social media posts have you seen offering products dressed up as free information, help and advice?
  3. How many brands have you come across who are taking advantage of those who are suffering, by significantly increasing their prices?


Our brave NHS workers and the trusts they work for have direct evidence of this.

Face masks they have been purchasing for £0.16 per mask pre-pandemic, can now only be acquired for £0.26 per mask.

Once this pandemic is over, customers will remember those brands that helped vs. those who took advantage. As a result, those brands who took advantage will suffer in the longer term.
This article will discuss how you can be a brand that helps, and how you can get this message across by changing your social media approach.


How to Switch Your Social Media Strategy to be Helpful

Care and be responsible

In the short-term show your customers that you care about them.

Recently there have been numerous webinars covering different aspects of handling the situation we find ourselves in, but very few offering help and advice on financial, psychological and emotional well-being.

You may not be qualified to offer advice in these areas directly, by partnering with organisations and people who are more suitably qualified, and happy to advise, makes a very positive association with your brand that people will not forget.

Running a Facebook live event might be one way of reaching a wider audience than your business currently reaches out to.

Social media posts should be focused on demonstrating your expertise to create posts that are instructional and educational. For example, if your products can be used in a unique way to help other businesses through the tough times they are facing, clearly demonstrate that.

Delivering content that suggests a degree of normality during these times will go a long way to reassuring people they can get through this. If that involves using one of your products, so much the better, but don’t make this a condition of creating the content.


What’s important here is positive associations with your brand.

One example of this is Uber Eats that is waiving delivery and activation fees to support restaurants hit by decreasing demand.

Another way of adding positive association to your brand is by temporarily changing direction to help the wider community.

BrewDog’s brand sentiment scores have rocketed since the company’s founders have sacrificed their salaries and the brand turned to making hand sanitiser.

Compare BrewDog’s with that of Tim Martin’s JD Weatherspoon’s.  YouGov brand score 

His brand metrics took a nosedive when he suggested pubs should stay open during lockdown, and that he would not be paying his staff until the Government stepped in to pay them on furlough.


YouGov Brand Metrics


Your Short-Term Social Strategy

Post regularly to stay top of mind.

Use this time to:

  • Create poll ads to understand consumers needs now and into the future
  • Run regular livestream events related to the poll results
  • Create brand awareness posts and campaigns
  • Continue to create helpful and useful content and keep on top of important news items and put your own take on them to make them more relevant to your customers
  • Use this time to analyse your customers and plan your future campaigns
  • Keep your customers informed via regular posts if anything changes in your business that will affect them


Your Long-Term Social Strategy

For the longer term:

  • Use messenger to stay engaged with consumers;
  • Keep momentum on your brand campaign efforts during the pandemic, any businesses that continue to advertise will come out stronger;
  • Reactivate ‘business as usual’ performance campaigns when Government allows.


In Summary

By showing you care, and illustrating that with your social media content and actions, your brand will be viewed positively and your business will be rewarded with more loyal customers both now and in the future.

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