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Launch and Optimise Your Amazon Offering

Make sure you are found online by all viable channels as more customers are buying online due to the current pandemic. One place that may have been overlooked is Amazon.

13th Jul 2020
Launch and Optimise Your Amazon Offering 13th July 2020

Launch and Optimise Your Amazon Offering

Now customers are buying even more online, driven by the closure of shops due to the pandemic, you need to make sure you are visible on all digital channels where your customers are found. One obvious place is Amazon.

Selling on Amazon

If you have not considered getting your product onto the Amazon platform, now is the time to ensure you have a presence. Amazon’s brand is trusted, and the website makes it easy for customers to find what they want, at an acceptable price.

Amazon continues to attract more customers with almost 90% of UK shoppers using the platform, and around 25% of those subscribed to Amazon Prime (source:

If you already sell on Amazon, are you sure your products are being seen by your customers at every opportunity? This includes on Amazon product search results, in the sponsored section at the top of product pages, and via an Amazon storefront.

The Challenges of selling on Amazon

When we have spoken to clients about their experience of selling on Amazon, they tell us their main challenge is being able to maintain enough margin, after accounting for Amazon’s commissions. The Amazon Cost of Sale (ACOS) as it is known, is the one metric you must get right to make your sales profitable.

Achieving an acceptable ACOS is down to making sure your product listings, your storefront and Amazon ads are all performing and converting the best they can.

Amazon advertising success is driven by optimising your ads, paying the right cost per click, and encouraging customers to click by responding to messaging that appeals to them. Sound simple, but so many businesses get this wrong, ending up losing, rather than making, a profit.

On top of this your storefront can be a free advert for your business and products. The key here is to make sure you have the most relevant content, with attractive images, and featuring products you know your customers are looking for. Making your storefront as informative as possible for your customers will encourage them to buy from you.

Amazon makes it easy to create a storefront, making it perform is a different matter.

How to Succeed with Amazon

Success with Amazon is about getting your business and product presence correct, determining your target ACOS, and knowing how to achieve it. Once you are established on the website, you must regularly review your product sales performance, check your visibility, learn how customers are finding you and make the necessary adjustments to your listings. Always be testing your Amazon ads to make sure you are getting the best click through rates, for the lowest possible cost.

Don’t fall into the trap of listing your products and then not reviewing your performance. This is how your competitors get ahead of you and your margins drop.
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