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American Eagle | Infinity Nation Partnership Using Data and Keyword Research to maximise your ROI during this Holiday season. Data is absolutely CRUCIAL and should drive all of your strategies. has published a webinar to help companies (like yours) better prepare for the Holiday Rush. As we approach Black Friday and Christmas, did you […]

04th Nov 2020
Stacey Wilson Chief Operating Officer 04th November 2020

American Eagle | Infinity Nation Partnership

Using Data and Keyword Research to maximise your ROI during this Holiday season.

Data is absolutely CRUCIAL and should drive all of your strategies. has published a webinar to help companies (like yours) better prepare for the Holiday Rush. As we approach Black Friday and Christmas, did you know that:

  • 66% of consumers say they would increase their online purchases for this holiday season.
  • 39% plan to begin their holiday shopping in October or early November. Meanwhile, 41% said they don’t plan to start their holiday shopping any earlier than normal.
  • 63% said they prefer to purchase from a company that is following Covid-19 guidelines.


High Spending Intent

As 66% of consumers want to spend more online, there is already more intent from consumers to use the internet to make purchases. This means that more efforts should be used to identify what your customers are searching for so that they end up on your website when they make these searches. This is where Keyword Research is ideal!

The Use of Data

The starting point is to understand users’ search intent and need states. We can’t change a user’s need state, but we can try and improve key user journeys on our websites, based on data analysis and keyword research.

Keyword research can help us understand the nuances in consumer search behaviour; for example whether they are using an informational or transactional search.

Informational vs Transactional searches

An informational search might be “best leather boots”, where the user is not looking for a specific brand / style and therefore probably isn’t looking to buy on the next site they end up on. A transactional search is exactly that – the user is looking to buy and the search terms can contain specific brand names or the word ‘buy’ or ‘purchase’.

Webmasters and Marketers are sitting on a goldmine of information about their website visitors’ behaviour and preferences and using this in the right way could convert website visitors into customers.

So how can you be smarter and more efficient with your data and utilise it to understand your customers’ needs?

Top Tools for Keyword Research

Using SEO tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console, you can discover the keywords that are the biggest reason for users finding your website through a search engine. But did you know that you can compare these statistics with your competition to find out where you rank for a specific keyword search? This data is very important as it will enable you to find keywords that you can easily improve in ranking with a few tweaks to your site.

Here are some SEO tools that you can effectively use to access the valuable data under your nose.

Google Search Console – One of the most powerful free SEO tools out there but most only use it for checking metrics like clicks and impressions. Use GSC for:

  • Improve rankings for underperforming keywords
  • Optimise pages with high keyword rankings but low CTR
  • Learn which content types and topics get the most backlinks

Google Analytics –This can be used to grab that low hanging fruit and identify what questions can be answered straight away such as:

  • How much organic traffic is my site getting?
  • What key words drive traffic to my site?
  • Which keywords drive traffic to a page?

Hotjar – This can be used to research your customers’ behaviour and help you to understand:

  • How customers use your website?
  • What are the most popular sections of your website? (using Heatmaps)
  • What sections of your websites are unpopular/unclear for your customers?

Early Purchasing Desire

These two stats pose contrasting results but there is an opportunity here for your business and the way you communicate with your customers.

As some customers are willing to shop earlier to ensure that their purchases are delivered in time for Christmas, provide them with every incentive to start as early as possible. This will include discount offers, email campaigns, targeted ads and other strategies to entice these customers to make their purchases as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, place banners and information on your website to remind customers of the busy period and be clear regarding shipping times and delays to make sure that they are informed as they make their purchases. Additionally, offering the option for click & collect will ensure that customers receive their orders in a timely fashion and could also result in additional sales as if you maximise your product placement and take advantage of strategies such as Cross Merchandising or supplying your customers with an ‘Endless Aisle’ while they wait for their collection order.

Clear Covid-19 Guidelines

According to the same survey, 63% of customers preferred to make a purchase from a company with clear Covid-19 guidelines. If 2 out of 3 of your customers would only come to you if you have clear guidelines on Covid, why would you not place a transparent message to alleviate these fears and convert these customers? Hence, doing your research to understand your consumers is critical and you should be using all channels to ensure that your business is up to date with your customers’ views. This is also a good opportunity to create positive brand awareness by introducing new customer service channels such as click & collect along with a more relaxed returns policy to build consumer trust and brand loyalty.

So, start using your data wisely as it can really help to create strategies that resonate with your target market as well as creating brand loyalty for the future. As Infinity Nation are experts in using data to create growth for your company, we have been nominated for The Techies Award in the category for “Driven by Data” on 5th November 2020. We are absolutely delighted with this nomination and this is further proof that Infinity Nation truly use data in the most effective ways to help your company.

Therefore, Contact Us to look at your Keyword Research as well as a Free SEO Audit so we can help you to construct the right strategies to maximise your ROI.


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