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Growing Your e-commerce Business & Using Data Driven Strategies

9th Mar 2020
Paul Christie Account Manager 09th March 2020

Growing Your e-commerce Business & Using Data Driven Strategies  

As a business owner we understand it is difficult to keep track of how your business is operating online and maintaining pace with advances in technology and competitor disruptions. Data in multiple sources confuses many business owners with the vast array of terms and acronyms often referred to. At Infinity Nation we speak to many businesses who come to us for help, often not knowing how to resolve issues to enable growth and improved performance online. 

Identifying the main drivers on your online performance is something that we are specialists in. We often get asked by business owners that they would like more traffic.  

Does more traffic = more sales

No, on the whole, more traffic doesn’t mean more sales. You could drive a lot more traffic at a website but there are other factors that need to be considered when doing this. Many other digital agencies will simply accept the request for more traffic and undoubtedly they will deliver. But what value did your business get from it?




Is that traffic valuable to your business?

Possibly. At Infinity Nation, our start point would be to find out what your business is about and what will help it be successful online:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What digital channels do they use?
  • What are their interests?
  • What stage of the buying cycle are your web visitors at?
  • What is their need state (why did they visit anyway?) 

You may have answers to some or all of these questions, or you may not. We can find the answers, usually from your data.

Many of our existing customer relationships have been successful because of this approach. We avoid jargon and try to speak in plain simple terms, so you can focus on running your business whilst we take care of the online performance element. 

Part of our ethos is to help you to identify your problems using a data led approach. Data doesn’t lie and we act as consultants to provide you with a strategy to move forward.

How can we help you? 

Forecasting and providing you with accurate ROI projections is our bread and butter. Our channel audits will provide you with the answers and insights (not just a list of technical fixes) and we consult with your team and partners to improve channel performance, with a view to drive sales, improve conversion and user experience.  


How do we work? 

1) Discovery session

We review your business and aspirations as part of a discovery session and look at what levers are driving sales online and which ones aren’t. All this work is completed using analytics and data analysis methods. We provide factual and accurate forecasting, demonstrating the ways you can reach your target, and then the channels that will support this strategy.

2)  Channel planning

Being channel agnostic is what makes us unique to other agencies. We don’t believe in online and offline. We use data driven analytics solutions so you can really find out who your customers are, and more importantly who your great customers are, what their interests are and what makes them buy from you. 

3) Performance audits

Our specialists across Email, PPC, Social, SEO and UX & CRO take a look under the hood of your marketing strategy. We review customer behaviour both on and offsite using unique analytics solutions and break this down into a detailed report. We highlight the areas that are holding back your growth, and then provide a plan on how to help you fix and improve revenue. 

4) Ongoing consultancy

One-off fixes are great, but our clients benefit from our expertise for the long-haul, via our remote or onsite consultancy offering. We truly immerse ourselves in clients’ business to get close to their holistic growth strategy, and ensure this is leveraged across all channels, creating a seamless experience for our client’s customers, and accelerated growth, for our clients. 

Next Steps

If you are keen to kick on and grow your business and would like to understand how much headroom is available within your current channel mix – get in touch with one of our consultants. 

We will be able to discuss your current mix of activities and where we see opportunities for significant improvements to volume and / or efficiency. 

If you would like to see how we have helped others with similar challenges to yours, visit our case studies page