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Digital Marketing Predictions 2020 | Infinity Nation

Our Digital Marketing Predictions paper for 2020 looks at the Zero Click Search trend, intregrated UX and CRO SEO strategies as well as the rise of automation in paid search and the importance of the digital marketing strategist amongst all this evolution.

Our 2020 Predictions Paper will uncover what’s tipped to lead digital marketing strategies for the next 12 months, and provide tips on how to leverage these updates for success.

24th Dec 2019
Stacey Wilson Chief Operating Officer 24th December 2019

2020 Predictions for Digital Marketing Success  



With marketers looking ahead to their budgets and new financial year growth plans, Infinity Nation reflect on the developments seen across the digital marketing landscape in 2019 and try to predict what we think you need to look out for, in 2020 to remain agile in this ever-evolving digital world.
The last year or so has really put the user centre stage in the entire digital experience. Now extending far beyond website usability; Google’s BERT update in October 2019 saw them take an even bigger step, identifying user intent from searcher’s queries and actively penalising brands whose websites weren’t up to task.

This has been coupled with advances in paid media targeting, using AI to monitor trends and patterns in research and purchase behaviour and find the customers that brands are seeking. Our report explores our predictions for the year ahead, and what marketers and business owners need to be considering to seriously attack their 2020 growth targets…

Download the full insights paper here.  

Read more and explore: 

  1. The importance of UX and CRO in SEO strategies 
  2.  The rise of zero click searches
  3.  AI, machine learning and automation
  4.  Increased competition
  5.  Greater role for strategy within PPC
  6.  Drive for brand affinity and story-led marketing
  7.  Data segmentation



If businesses really want to kick on and build the value of their business along with growing profitable turn over customer database growth, they need to do a deeper dive into their current customer purchase history and channel attribution. 
Brands need to understand LTV and profitable LTV, what a great customer looks like – commonalities around acquisition channel(s) and products bought. This also needs to be considered across geographical territories. Businesses that do this; that understand who the great clients are and the value to their businesses will really prosper in 2020 and beyond. They will know where to invest, why and the returns it will bring.
Utilising this data insight, businesses will be smarter in their email marketing, using the ’show me that you know me’ mentality; putting relevant product(s) in front of them, whilst building loyalty and value. It will also help to understand where and when to engage with these customers – email, social etc. 
In the decade of 2020, data is going to be the linchpin for multi-channel businesses.


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