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Browse Abandonment Campaigns | Infinity Nation

This post focuses on how your company can effectively use Browse Abandonment Campaigns to nudge users and recover your potentially missed consumers.

21st Oct 2020
Browse Abandonment Campaigns | Infinity Nation 21st October 2020

Browse Abandonment Email Campaigns

What is Browse Abandonment?

When a visitor lands on your website, views your product or category pages, but leaves without adding any items to their cart, this is what we call Browse Abandonment. Browse abandonment emails are sent to your customer to remind them of their product browsing history and nudge them. Note: A user has to opt-in to receive these emails as part of the current GDPR rules.

How can it help you?

Your top objectives from a Browse Abandonment Email could be one of the following:

  1. Driving a purchase – for your email to serve as a reminder of items a subscriber was interested in and tempt them back to buy them.
  2. Getting a customer back on-site – luring a recipient back onto your site and browsing, regardless of whether they’re interested in the items in the email.
  3. Demonstrating good customer service – finding out if there was a reason for someone abandoning their shopping.

Note: These types of emails are aimed at users who you can identify on your site (i.e. you’ve collected their email address and they’ve opted into communications from you).

Browse Abandonment Email Criteria

When sending Browse Abandonment Email, make sure that your customers aren’t getting an email every time they visit your website – this will get very ANNOYING and you will lose customers. Therefore, create some criteria to ensure a targeted approach to providing a good customer service. Here is an example of some of the potential criteria as an ecommerce company. You might want to consider that someone has demonstrated purchase intent by:

  • looking at an item more than once
  • browsing several items in a specific category (e.g. ‘bathroom mats’)
  • clicking a specific product in an email to view the product page
  • using site search to search for a specific product or category

What makes a good Browse Abandonment Campaign?

Since looking at an item doesn’t mean that a customer is ready to purchase the item, you need to make sure your message and tone is more restrained so that you don’t offend/bother the customer. This will cause a negative experience. Here are some tips to ensure a light touch on this:

  • include a clear call-to-action that lets the recipient know what you’d like them to do next (e.g. ‘come back and browse again’)
  • include key customer service details – shipping and returns policies and contact details – in the foot of the email
  • ensure people will not receive more than one abandonment email (browse or cart) in a specified time frame (48 hours, for example)
  • set up an exit condition that stops the browse abandonment campaign once the recipient has made a purchase

We hope that you have learnt more about Browse Abandonment from this blog post. Please let us know if we missed something! Alternatively, challenge us to look at your Browse Abandonment Campaigns and see how we can improve them to be even more effective.

We hope that you have learnt more about Browse Abandonment from this blog post. Challenge us to look at your Browse Abandonment Campaigns and see how we can improve them to be even more effective via our contact form and we would be love to chat with you.

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