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Basket Abandonment Campaigns | Infinity Nation

This post focuses on how your company can effectively use Basket Abandonment Campaigns to remind users of their basket content and recover your potentially lost consumers.

02nd Nov 2020
Basket Abandonment Campaigns | Infinity Nation 02nd November 2020

Basket Abandonment Email Campaigns

There are two types of abandonment email campaigns. Browse Abandonment and Basket Abandonment. Click here to read our Browse Abandonment post and how you can use it for better customer service.

What is Basket Abandonment?

When a user adds an item to their basket but leaves without completing the transaction, this is what we call Basket Abandonment. Basket abandonment emails are emails that are sent to your customer to remind them of their basket items and nudge them to recover the sale.

Note: A user has to opt-in to receive these emails as part of the current GDPR rules.

How to prevent Basket Abandonment

Basket Abandonment happens when a customer has an issue with your website. Here are some tips to prevent Basket Abandonment:

  • Keep your website simple and clear – Swift loading and mobile-friendly design is essential
  • Provide a visual shopping experience – Use other options such as 360-degree videos and detailed (but short) product descriptions to improve the shopper experience
  • Be transparent with shipping options – Show effortless returns policy and delivery options to build trust
  • Use uncomplicated payment options – include Apple Pay and other quick pay systems to create a smoother payment experience
  • Incorporate ratings and reviews – employ social proof from previous customers to build credibility while providing information from other users

However, the customer journey can sometimes have complications that are outside your control. These include:

  • The customer becoming distracted
  • Using the cart to save items for later
  • Going to do more research
  • Customers simply forgetting to complete a purchase

Basket Abandonment Email Criteria

With basket abandonment, the shopper has expressed more intent. They’ve added potential purchases to their shopping cart but left without completing the purchase. Therefore, create some criteria to ensure a targeted approach to providing a good customer service. Here are examples of some of the potential criteria as an ecommerce company. You might want to take into account that the user has considered one of the following before creating the basket abandonment campaign:

  • A user has added one of your top sellers to the basket
  • A user has added a high value amount to their basket
  • A user has added multiple items to their basket

What makes a good Basket Abandonment Campaign?

As a user probably gets lots of emails from companies, they’re very quick to hit that ‘Mark as Junk’ button. So, if your campaign isn’t resonating with them, they will happily ignore it and therefore you!
Here are some tips to ensure an effective campaign:

  • Create eye-catching subject lines
  • Include the abandoned product
  • Write a persuasive copy
  • Create FOMO
  • Provide a discount
  • Include positive reviews of the product
  • Use straightforward CTAs
  • Create a series of abandoned cart emails to create variety and keep your emails fresh
  • Add customer service details and your return policy to build trust and credibility

We hope that you have learnt more about Basket Abandonment from this post. Challenge us to look at your Basket Abandonment Campaigns and see how we can improve them to be even more effective via our contact form and we would be love to chat with you.

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