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The 2017 Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Know

So we’re halfway through the month and whilst we’re wishing summer would hurry up, we’ve been fixated on the digital marketing trends to emerge in 2017.

16th Jan 2017
Al Keck Founder/CEO 16th January 2017

The 2017 Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Know


So we’re halfway through the month and whilst we’re wishing summer would hurry up, we’ve been fixated on the digital marketing trends to emerge in 2017.

Whilst there’s been endless articles surfacing on the topic via social platforms, we wanted to look at digital marketing as a whole and what we can expect from the landscape. We asked our team leaders in the below fields to give us a little as to what to expect for each industry in the coming year.


Our Head of SEO, James Foote expects to see ‘voice search becoming popular on mobile and desktop’ in 2017 as well as ‘creating topic modelled website pages that address searcher intent.’

He also adds, ‘Refocusing efforts on technical SEO, addressing crawl inefficiencies with websites in Google and making sure a company’s blog is a valuable resource for their market and has a defined marketing goal.’

James also states the importance of aligning other marketing channels with SEO, ‘PR should be a defined avenue for brand outreach and digital awareness and social media should work in conjunction with SEO.’


Lol Lowe, our Paid Search Lead, expects to see ‘more innovation around video advertising’ and says, ‘I think Google will be looking at more ways of making video ads more achievable for smaller advertisers, as currently the production costs and effort required for slick videos is beyond most small to medium businesses.’

Lol also adds, ‘I am hoping for innovations for shopping. There was nothing new in 2016 and improvements to shopping in terms of feed management, campaign management and promotions is very overdue.’


Keeping up with what’s going on in the ever-changing social landscape is a hard feat, but our Social Media Manager, Shannon Kovacs, highlights some of the key pointers she thinks should be on every social person’s watch-list in 2017.

‘Everyone has said it, but this will be the year of the ‘Bots’. They were increasing in popularity last year, but expect to see more big brands using them to answer customer queries to take the pressure off human teams.’

She adds, ‘We’ve all become aware of ‘over-sharing’ in the digital space, and ‘dark social’ is something all brands should be aware of in 2017. Expect to see more people sharing content privately – whether that’s via WhatsApp or direct messaging. ‘

Shannon continues, ‘Ephemeral content is going to continue to grow as it allows the user to safely bask in the knowledge that it’s not going to linger forever and ultimately come back to haunt you.’

Finally, and definitely not the least important is the rise of video. Facebook has already stated it wants to become a video-only channel in the coming years, and Shannon says ‘if you’re incorporating paid social into your strategy, video is always preferred and will guarantee you increased reach and engagement. ‘


Email marketing is one of the most profitable channels and our Email Marketing Manager, James Martin believes that first and foremost video will become ‘a common element within emails, which will increase click-through rate by 200-300%.’

He also states, ‘Email design will be based on a mobile first approach, with mobile accounting for 80% of all users.

‘Interactive email will also become the norm, allowing for users to effectively pick and choose what they see.’

Lastly he adds, ‘A single tap to buy will be introduced, which will allow users to make purchases with a single touch.’


Aaron Challice is our Senior Designer and also thinks mobile will be big news in the design world: ‘More brands will be taking the mobile first approach – mobile first then design desktop.’

He also notes, ‘There will be fewer menu options, flat design will be a thing of the past and look to the rise of duotones, which are used to find a balance between a minimal or busy website.’

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